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Since the launch of Hunslet Remembered I've had many people asking me questions I don't know the answer to. They are often seeking information about people, places or firms because they are researching their family history or local history, or just want to remember and learn more about Hunslet.

Have a look through the questions on these two pages. This page has questions about life and places in Hunslet, and the next page has family tree questions. If you have any questions or answers, contact me at
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Ian Rowley
My family all come from Hunslet. My great grandad was one of the founder members of was what to become Derbyshire Street Mission Hall, now Hunslet Church of the Nazarene on Lupton street which I attend. My parents, Eddie and Gladys Rowley, got married at the mission hall in 1942.
It would be great to hear any stories of the Mission, I know many attended its popular Sunday school too. Also, has anyone a photgraph of it?
Posted 22/11/16


Andrea Jackson
remembers going to the Mission in the 1950s and regularly singing 'Sunshine Corner':

"Sunshine Corner and it's jolly fine
It's for children under 99
All are welcome
Seats are given free
Derbyshire Street Mission
Is the place for me"
Roger Hindle
My father Clifford and grandfather Joshua and quite a few of our Hindle family lived in Burton Grove, Hunslet, now no more. My late father, Clifford, bought the street name  - heavy cast iron black and white - as a souvenir, and it was handed down to me when he died in the 1970s. It is in perfect condition. My offspring wonít want it when I pop off, it really has no relevance to my generation and Iíve never found anywhere appropriate to show it anyway!

There seems to be quite a lot of interest on line in the history of Hunslet and the surrounding area and I wondered whether the street name might be of interest to a local collector or perhaps a pub or club. I donít want anything for it and am prepared to have it delivered to somebody who would appreciate it.
Posted 21/5/17
Oli Bentley
I'm working on a project about the North and one part of it is looking at the history of the steel industry in the north and  Hunslet Steel works.

I wonder if anyone remembers Hunslet Steel works. Iím interested to talk to anyone who worked, or whose parents or grandparents worked in the Steel Works in Hunslet. If so,  would you be willing to take part in a project all about Northern Identity in Leeds? What it was and what it means now, and how Leeds and the North have changed over the years. Just a case of meeting up for a cuppa and an informal chat at a place and time convenient to anyone that wants to take part.

Thereís a bit more detail on the project here:

If you can help, email Oli:

Posted 29/8/17