Date built Comments
Alf Cooke Ltd Packaging Hunslet Road 1894 More information
Boyne Engineering Works (offices and gate piers) 121 Jack Lane 1858 More information
Braimes Pressed Steel Works Hunslet Road
More information
Burton House Burton Avenue 1791 More information
Garden Gate public house Waterloo Road 1903 More information
Hunslet Baptist Tabernacle Low Road 1835-37 More information
Hunslet Cemetery chapels, lodges, walls, gates etc
Middleton Road Mid-19th century
Hunslet Cemetery was the first municipal cemetery in the world when it opened in 1845.
Hunslet Cemetery: memorial to loss of life at Ingham's Nail Works Middleton Road
1885 More information
Hunslet Engine Co offices 125 Jack Lane 1880 or later More information
Hunslet Mill 23 and 25 Goodman Street
For John Wilkinson, who by 1847 employed 1,500 female flax reelers in the
largest single-build mill in Leeds. The last and
individually the largest of the great flax-spinning mills
built in Leeds throughout the 1820s and 30s.
Railway Foundry archway and walls Pearson Street 1846-50 More information
St. Mary's Church tower and spire Church Street 1862-64 By Perkin and Backhouse. More information
Salem United Reformed Church Hunslet Lane 1790 Now used by a telecommunications firm.
Scott's Almhouses and bust of John Scott Middleton Road 1896-8 More information 
Victoria Flax Mill Atkinson Street 1847 and c.1860-70 Probably for the flax spinning firm of Titley and Co.
Victoria Works 19 and 21a Goodman Street c.1835-1838 Part of flax mill complex for W.B. Holdsworth who moved to open fields owned by George Goodman. 700 worked there by 1862, and from 1888 they were used by Titley & Co. In multiple occupation in early 20th century.
Hunslet remembered
A listed building is one that is of special architectural or historic interest and has been included on a list kept by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. The list identifies our heritage and puts a mark against those buildings that are thought to be special. Listing means that changes to a building are under strict control through the planning system.

Leeds has about 3,300 listed buildings. Today not much remains of old Hunslet and in spite of its long and illustrious industrial history it hasn't many listed buildings.
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Marble bust of John Scott, who endowed the  almhouses on Middleton Road (photo 2009)
Listed buildings
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