Hunslet remembered
Since the launch of Hunslet Remembered I've had many people asking me questions I don't know the answer to. They are often seeking information about people, places or firms because they are researching their family history or local history, or just want to remember and learn more about Hunslet.

Have a look through the questions on these two pages. This page has questions about life and places in Hunslet, and the next page has family tree questions. If you have any questions or answers, contact me at [email protected]
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Answers needed  - Life and places
Tony Callaghan
I spent much of my pocket money at Pemberton's toy shop in the late 60s/early 70s. It was situated at Swan Junction, if I recall. You could see the famous Stephensons decorators on the opposite side of the road; it is still there which is still there. Any information about Pemberton's would be much appreciated. Even an old photograph, would warm my heart.
Posted 27/3/15
Maureen Goodman (nee Tate)
Maureen attended Low Road Primary School in 1955/56 until she migrated to Australia.  She would love to get in contact with Maureen Neil, April Patrick and Pat Black. She has fond memories of these ladies and would be over the moon to get back in contact once more. 
Posted 21/5/15
Graeme Hall
I'm currently the owner of the former Pottery Field Methodist Mission Hall on Leathley Road/Pearson Street and also of Brandon Medical, who occupied the site up until 2000 when we moved to a bigger and more modern factory unit in Middleton (and moved again in 2013 to our current address in Morley). The Methodist Hall was in a terrible state of repair at this time but we elected to restore it rather than knock it down as it was such a nice looking building. We also briefly occupied Peter Scotts Ltd premises on Grape Street in 1999. We believe that Brandon Electric was incorporated in 1946 and occupied the Mission Hall until 1993 having morphed from Brandon Electric to Brandon Engineering to Brandon Engineering (Leeds) Ltd and then to the current Brandon Medical Company Limited.

I'm interested in finding information to corroborate what I already know of the company history and about the history of the Methodist Hall. I'd love to find some photos of Brandon during the 40s,50, and 60s.
Posted 25/8/15
Former Pottery Field Methodist Mission Hall on Leathley Road/Pearson Street (photo 2010)
Do you remember them? If so I'll put you in touch with them. Email: [email protected]
Colin Wells
Colin was born in 1941 on Tempest Road, Beeston and later moved to Belvedere Mount. He went to Cross Flatts School and then to Cockburn High School from 1952 to 1959. He then went to Manchester University and was later Technical Director of a smaller specialist forging company in Sheffield, where he spent the rest of his working life. He has now retired to Malton. He would welcome hearing from anyone who remembers him.
Posted 30/9/15

Ken Mann
I went to Hunslet Nash from 1950 to1960. I am sixty eight now. I remember the Picturedrome cinema. It was at the side of Hunslet Library, it was nicknamed  ''the Bug Hutch'' I am laughing at it now, but I wish I was back there right now. I was born in Briggs Yard  just before the bridge across from the Sun pub and Varley Square. I was reading an item by Christine Chadwick, who also went to Hunslet Nash, I remember her. I would love to know how she is getting on. My grandmother lived in Varley Square for over sixty years. I lived with her and my granddad from about eight years old. The house we lived in had no electric only gas, paraffin lamps on the wall,  no carpets only stone flags. If anyone remembers me going to Hunslet Nash get in touch.
Posted 12/5/14